selected blurbs:


"...strong, impressive work..." -Chris Fischbach


"John Vieira's work is such a blurlyric meditation, b&w photographs, yogic drawing and concrete's as clear, as trans/parent as work can be..." -Crag Hill, Crag Hill's poetry scorecard (February 12, 2005)


"[Vieira's] poems are some of the best I see in my opinion and in that of my readers." -Phyllis Walsh (editor, Hummingbird: Magazine of the Short Poem)


"There is much I admire in [Vieira's] work...I particularly enjoy the synthesis of the visual and the lyric." -Beth Joselow


"...a remarkable body of work." -John Martone



about "Ecstatic Writing: An Appeal for the Reclamation of Poetry":


"...terrifically interesting..." -Robert Bly


"...of great importance..." -Paul B. Roth



about For [Da]:


"Vieira greatly adds to and deepens the project with his series of visual poems based upon Da.... The work for me is a meditation on the term, a mantra visually represented in act of creation, permutation and integration...a directly implied universe." -Karl Kempton, TapRoot Reviews (#9/10)



about Points on a Hazard Map:


"Lyric poetry at times visual, at times infra-verbal, about 'ignorance whitened' and much else." -Bob Grumman



about Rainfall Data at Ocala:


"I like Rainfall Data.... Seldom know how to talk about poems. 'Hamlet's story as retold by Mr. Shakespeare is deeply moving.'" -Robert Lax


"A good person, soul.... The drawings are a perfect complement to the work.... Simple and eye-friendly and of a piece with the poems." -Cid Corman


"...a magnificent work!" -Susan Smith Nash



about Slow Moving Pictures:


"Emphatically, yes. Slow Moving Pictures are delightful. It was love at first sight." -Crag Hill



about A Songbird in Igor's Yard:


"A prime collection of visual poems and related artworks.... There is much to meditate on/from throughout Vieira's collection." -Bob Grumman, TapRoot Reviews (#7/8)



about "sublunar canto":


"John Vieira's SUBLUNAR CANTO is a poem that deserves to be re-read and savoured, even when it isn't entirely clear in meaning it is still beautiful." -Juliet Wilson, NEW HOPE INTERNATIONAL REVIEW (U.K., June 2005)



                  about "the sky is a blue tarp":


"...a sad, stark vision of the dead with nowhere to go." -Samantha Henderson, MultiVerse (2006)



about "World View” (8-set tanka):


"The short poem is a mantra, John Vieira says.... Readers new to Vieira should know that sometimes there is even less than the mantra.... John is also a calligrapher, his visual texts depicting Nothing at all. Anyone who has seen these drawings lingers over them in delight. But I am especially glad for his words here—their limpidezza...." -John Martone, Hummingbird: Magazine of the Short Poem (September 1996)




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