Look Away, A Valentine (Firefly, Cambridge, MA, 1982)

Jack's Picture of Sunshine (Early Man, Newton, MA, 1985; audiotape)

Slow Moving Pictures (Score, Pullman, WA, 1993) [for a review of this title see TapRoot Reviews #6, 1995]

Rainfall Data at Ocala (Artemis, Corning, NY, 1993)

A Songbird in Igor's Yard (tel-let, Charleston, IL, 1994) [for a review of this title see TapRoot Reviews #7/8, 1995]

Threading the Needle With Red (tel-let, Charleston, IL, 1994; translations of Ikkyu [medieval Japan])

For [Da] (tel-let, Charleston, IL, 1995) [for a review of this title see TapRoot Reviews #9/10, 1996]

Reality Slices (Runaway Spoon, Port Charlotte, FL, 1996)

Self-Portrait with Demons (Runaway Spoon, Port Charlotte, FL, 1997)

HALF LIFE (Score, Pullman, WA, 1999)

Points on a Hazard Map (Runaway Spoon, Port Charlotte, FL, 1999)

Long Shot: An Autobiography of a Distant Friend (Score, Moscow, ID, 2005)

Grave Dalliances (Bookgirl, Sendai, Japan, 2008)

If the Garden Does Not Rain (Runaway Spoon, Port Charlotte, FL, 2009)

60 Tomatoes (Bookgirl, Sendai, Japan, in association with Angel-Backed Enterprises, Lawrence, KS, 2011)

Tap Routines Done Barefoot (Runaway Spoon, Port Charlotte, FL, 2012)

Raps & Cracks (Written in Imitation of Rhapsodies & Rounds) (Horizon Tracts, New York, NY, in association with Bookgirl, Sendai, Japan, 2013)

To Listen and to Look: Previously Uncollected and New Work (Artemis, Elmira, NY, and Horizon Tracts, New York, NY, 2016)


Some of these titles (and others) are available through,, Longhouse (publishers and booksellers), tel-let, afterwords (Canada), or at your local bookseller (through special order).


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